Can Openers

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Cozyle wholesale various of Can Openers supplies. Can Openers gadgets are sold from China factory directly. You don't need to worry about high price, high tax and shipping fee. We offer all products in reasonable price. And they are free shipping worldwide!
  • Cozyle Stainless Steel Dutch Canned Knife Silver
    • The cutting blade is made from sharp, stainless-steel which is strong and won't rust or break
    • Large non-slip handle is designed with ergonomic knob in sturdy shape for easy turning without hurting your fingers
    • This can opener follows the cutting wheel principle with a hardened Knife and traction wheel. along with a bottle Opener
    • The razor-sharp blade ensures canned edges are not jagged when the lid is removed and it don't leave metal shavings in your foods after cutting.
    • Easy cleaning and convenient to put it away
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  • Cozyle Stainless Steel Western Iron Plate Steak Gravy Boat Silver 10oz Silver
    • Features big, cushioned handles for a non-slip grip, comfortable handles
    • Sharp cutting wheel is made of sturdy stainless steel,Magnet lifts lid off can and lever releases lid for easy disposal.
    • Manual can opener locks onto cans of all sizes for safe and efficient opening,Smooth turning, stainless-steel cutting mechanism opens cans in seconds.
    • Durable, ergonomic handles provide a sure grip,Hand wash with warm water and a mild detergent; rinse and dry immediately.
    • Easy to use and clean
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